How do I deal with the devil?
One day a heated argument
broke out between two
otherwise collegial senior
managers at our company. What
caused the outburst? I didn’t
have a clue!
That evening, as I read a book
called Dealing with the Devil, it
dawned on me that Satan, God’s
archenemy, could be stirring up
trouble with our managers. The
author used an analogy to
describe the authority we have in
Christ to make a difference:
Suppose a person in street
clothes is standing in a busy
traffic intersection. He waves his
arms wildly to stop oncoming
traffic, but cars keep whizzing by.
Then he makes one change. He
puts on a policeman’s uniform.
Instantly drivers comply!
Here was my clue. If I were
“clothed with Christ” I could
influence spiritual traffic. So I
“put on my uniform” and prayed
in Jesus’ name, taking authority
over the troublesome unseen
forces. To my amazement, the
problem had evaporated by the
next day.
The devil is a real adversary. Once
a high-ranking angel, he rebelled
and was evicted from heaven
(see Isaiah 14:12). Though
defeated by Jesus in His death on
the Cross, Satan continues, by
bluster and intimidation, to
harass and deceive God’s people.
Jesus called him a thief who
steals, kills and destroys.
What are we to do? The Bible
says, “Resist him and he will flee
from you” – James 4:7. In other
words, put on the policeman’s
Key Verse
“I (the Lord) will contend with
him who contends with you”
Isaiah 49:25
Share with your friends how to
deal with the devil

Since is holy,we must live a holy life inorder to keep our friendship with Him.Read and learn more. Instructions 1. Believe in one God and praise Him in whatever condition you are. 2. Respect your parents and other older than you. 3. Attend church services and preach the word of God to others mainly those who are lost. 4. Behave in a Christian way and make sure you avoid committing adultery. 5. Avoid worshipping idols and take worldly things as nothing. 6. Be baptized in the name of God and make sure you obey his regulations. 7. Avoid revenge and love those who do wrong to you. Tips & Warnings – you must be God fearing to live a holy life.